PSPO recalled by scrutiny committee – now is the time to reject it

By GMHA (@gmhousingaction)

The PSPO has been recalled by one of the scrutiny committees on the council. This presents us with a final opportunity to stop its implementation. We must take it.


In November 2019, a proposed PSPO around the Centre was considered by the Council’s Communities & Equalities Scrutiny Committee (CESC).


Dr Morag Rose from Liverpool University, Kathy Cosgrove from Greater Manchester Law Centre and City Centre Ward Councillors attended to provide their comments on the proposals.


The minutes of that meeting, including a summary of the contributions and Committee recommendations can be found here.


On 2nd March 2020 the Strategic Director of Neighbourhoods (the “Decision-Maker”) issued the Key Decision to implement the City Centre PSPO, following a discussion, amendments and a vote in favour of the (amended) PSPO, at the Labour Group.


Cllr John Hacking, Chair of the Communities & Equalities Scrutiny, has asked for the decision to be “called in” – i.e. basically referred back to the Decision Maker on the following terms:


“To hear from the Decision Maker that the concerns raised at the CESC meeting on the 7th November 2019 have been taken fully into account prior to the decision being made”


A special meeting of the CESC has been convened on the 11th March 2020, 2pm, to deal with the call-in. Members of the Committee will be asked whether they will refer the decision back to the Decision Maker for reconsideration.


Cllr Hacking has confirmed that no external contributions will be heard and only Committee members will be able to speak.


The Greater Manchester Law Centre have published an up to date briefing on the situation, laying out the case against the implementation of the PSPO. It can be read here.


We at Greater Manchester Housing Action are calling for the Scrutiny Committee to refer this back to the Strategic Director of Neighbourhoods for reconsideration, and in the final instance that the PSPO be rejected and not implemented.

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