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Greater Manchester Community-led Housing Network Launch

8 December 2018 / 1.00-4.30pm

Mechanics Institute (main hall), Princess St, Manchester M1 6DD      

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Please join us for the launch of the Housing Futures research findings:
We will hear directly from people with current and past experience of developer-led regeneration including stories of resistance and communities organising against demolitions. Richard Goulding will share key messages from the Housing Futures research findings and outline next steps and how to stay involved. City Mayor of Salford Paul Dennett will respond on the subject of the recent housing strategy review process that he has been leading on for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, on how GMCA will engage with and promote community-led housing in the city-region. Manchester City Council's director of housing, Jon Sawyer, will also outline his local authority's approach.
Following the plenary there will be a choice of sessions:
  • A new 'enabling hub' is being established for community-led housing in Greater Manchester - there will be a participatory workshop to plan the structure, role and functions of the hub
  • Community land trusts are fast gaining ground as a viable tool for bringing land and property into community ownership in order to secure affordable housing for current and future generations - Dr Tom Moore will be sharing the basics and answering questions
  • For those who just want to find out more about community-led housing in general there will be a screening of Peg Alexander's documentary film 'Britain's Housing Crisis: A People Powered Solution?'
This is our last event and an opportunity to be involved in what comes next - don't miss it!

Greater Manchester Housing Co-operatives: Past, Present & Future    26 April 2018 / 6.00-8.30pm                 Co-ops UK, Holyoake House, Manchester  M60 0AS

Cohousing: potential and challenges
21 June 2018 / 6.00-8.30pm
Mechanics Institute (main hall), Manchester M1 6DD

Community Land Trusts: the what, why and how
19 July 2018 / 6.00-8.30pm
Friends Meeting House (main hall), Manchester M2 5NS

Alternative Models of Ownership: risks and opportunities for the community-led housing movement
20 September 2018 / 6.00-8.30pm
Friends Meeting House (main hall), Manchester M2 5NS

Lessons from the Global South for community-led housing
1 November 2018 / 6.00-8.30pm
Upper Hall, Friends Meeting House, Manchester M2 5NS

Housing Futures

Housing Futures is organising a series of monthly events throughout 2018 on a range of community-led housing models. These events are aimed both at building a Greater Manchester network of people, groups and organisations interested in promoting community-led housing, but also in thinking through the potential and challenges associated with community-led housing. We are particularly interested in thinking through what it has to offer low-income neighbourhoods amidst a crisis in housing availability and affordability in certain areas. We hope that the partnership will lay the foundations for a new regional hub for support and advice on community-led housing in Greater Manchester. We would like to thank Manchester Urban Institute at the University of Manchester for their sponsorship of the Housing Futures events programme.

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For more information about Housing Futures please contact: Hannah Berry, Housing Futures Steering Group Chair, at gmhousingfutures@gmail.com.

For more information about the Realising Just Cities programme at the University of Sheffield please contact: Dr Sophie King, Realising Just Cities Research Fellow, at s.king@sheffield.ac.uk.